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Ember & Earth began in 2014, when founders Ciaran Jackson and Daniel Cummins ended their search for the perfect rain jacket, by deciding to create their own.
Growing up in Ireland, with its beautiful landscape but predominantly rainy weather made having a good rain jacket a necessity, and after years of searching, they realised how difficult these jackets were to find. They wanted something that was both suitable for the ever-changing weather and looked traditional, yet was contemporary and stylish. The few that they did source fell short on quality, or were practically unaffordable.  
With everything they wanted in mind, they sat down with some yellow polyvinyl tablecloth and a sowing machine, and set out to design their own take on the classic fisherman’s jacket. While the final prototype was a success in shape and size, they found that while it looked the part and kept the rain out, it was in no way breathable, and offered very little warmth.   
The material of the jacket was, by far, the most important element throughout the creation of the very first jacket, and after countless tests and prototypes, they discovered that with an outer shell of treated polyester & polyvinyl, coupled with a warm, 100% cotton lining, they had created something that was breathable, durable, flexible, and of course waterproof!

The rest is history. The first jacket paved the way for the many that followed… grey, navy, green, blue, red, black, white… They modernised their design to be more flexible and fashionable. Ideal for any outdoor activity, from hiking in the countryside to commuting in the city, where style and practicality are a must. 

Ciaran Jackson (left) & Daniel Cummins (Right), Co-Founders of Ember & Earth.
Ciaran Jackson (left) & Daniel Cummins (Right), Co-Founders of Ember & Earth. 
Our next project? - We’re currently working on a cycling jacket that looks and feels just like our original collection, but hosts an array of modifications and refinements to benefit the modern cyclist… stay tuned!

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