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Iceland: The Coolest Country to Visit this Winter

Iceland: The Coolest Country to Visit this Winter | Ember&Earth Rainwear

We often think summertime is the only time to travel - but if you think about it, there can be some serious drawbacks. Long lines for all the attractions you want to see, back sweat from the heat, and tourist trap galore - no thanks! Instead, consider going on a little holiday during the winter season. Imagine walking into an ancient cathedral or on a nice walk in a famous park and having nobody there but you and maybe a companion or two. That’s how life can be for you if you decide to visit Iceland this winter season. Iceland has beauty that’s been unspoiled by tourists - you never feel swamped like you do in so many other places. But, especially during the winter season. Iceland is the coolest country to visit in 2016 - and not just because of the temperature! 

Háifoss - A View Like No Other

Iceland and its breathtaking waterfalls 🇮🇸 (Raincoat from @emberandearth ) ☔️

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If this natural waterfall won’t leave you speechless, nothing else in this world will. Imagine walking up in nature that’s almost untouched by humans and coming up to the top of a cliff to see an enormous, roaring waterfall pouring over the edge. Imagine sitting there, relaxing with a friend or two on top of the moss covered ancient rocks and just living in the moment. It may not be the ideal place to get a tan or go partying - but visiting Iceland and all of its beauty is sure to change your life and allow you to feel more connected to nature. Be sure to add Haifoss waterfall to your list of places to see this winter!

Sólheimasandur: The Site of an American Plane Crash

Photo by: @augustleighphoto

You probably won’t read about this site in your tour guide book. This is the site of a crash of an American Navy plane in 1973. The weather conditions were so bad - with rain pouring down and wind blowing at every angle - it took the plane right down to the ground. The crew that survived walked off and left the plane abandoned, where it has remained as an unofficial landmark ever since. Be sure you’re prepared for the elements and grab your Ember&Earth jacket for the adventure! @augustleighphoto

Jökulsárlón - Glacier Lagoon: Prepare to Be Amazed


When we think of beauty, some of the most popular and cliche locations probably include steaming hot weather and a nice white, sandy beach to lie around and play in - but this, this is beauty in a completely different way. You just have to see it for yourself. The Jökulsárlón ice field is nothing short of amazing. The clear sculptures or ice that exist perfectly in nature are like nothing you can experience anywhere else in the world. Each chunk of ice is unique and one of a kind - you’ll find yourself looking at all of the pieces mesmerized. Wake up early and get ready to head out to this incredible destination - you won’t regret it! 

Got up at 5am to drive to this ice field of glacier cut offs. By far the most stunning place I've been to on this island.

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Gullfoss Waterfall - The Big Mama of All Waterfalls

Waterfall Iceland, Rain Jacket, Ember and Earth


There are waterfalls... and then there is the Gullfoss Waterfall. We have probably all seen a waterfall in our lifetime, whether on some tropical island, or driving across a country, or a little stream roaring over a cliff when it’s been raining a lot. But this is a whole different element. The Gulfoss Waterfall is absolutely massive. Everything about it sucks you in when you check it out in person - the vastness of it, the roaring sound it makes, the mist that splashes up on your face. You truly realize how small we all are on this planet and how powerful nature is. If the Gulfoss Waterfall wasn’t on your bucket list before you definitely need to add this naturally wonderful place to the list.

 Iceland, Glacier, Rain Jacket@augustleighphoto

Instead of heading down south where wethers may be warmer, instead look up and embrace wintertime to the fullest. You have to visit Iceland at least once in your life, and there’s no better time than now. Iceland is this winter’s hottest (no, not literally ;) ) destination. Take in the beautify of nature in it’s entirety and get out there and explore the world. All you really need is a place to stay, food and water, and a trusty jacket that stands up to the elements and keeps you warm - and of course, looks great for all of those photo ops while traveling around the island nation. Ember&Earth jackets make a great addition to your suitcase before heading off to Iceland - order one online before you go and you'll have it in no time! (view shipping times)

Now that you have your jacket and accommodation lined up - just get out there and go. Unplug from your phone, take a deep breath and use your senses in nature. Let the mountains amaze you, the towering cliffs take your breath away and the natural ice sculptures remind you how unique each and every one of us are.

Stay Dry! 

- Ember&Earth


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Boris Mathis

Yes, Definitely Iceland is one of the best and coolest countries. I really enjoyed with my family there. I would say thanks to the best and very amazing travel agency to make my trip so wonderful.

Jón Sigurðsson

There are some big tourist traps one should avoid all year around here in Iceland. Here is a list with a few of them:
Avoid these and you will safe plenty of money!
Safe travels!

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