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Raincoats Types and their Varieties

Raincoats Types and their Varieties | Ember&Earth Rainwear

Raincoats and their varieties

Varieties of RainwearPurchasing rainwear, simply put, is an investment. While walking/splashing/running around in the rain can be an enjoyable experience for pluviophiles (look it up!), staying dry is of utmost importance. There are a variety of raincoats available in the market, both for men and women and many people are opting to buy rainwear online, unlike previous generations that would have to go to a specialist store just to find something suitable. Let’s have a look at the types of raincoats available:

  • Those who love camping can opt for a relatively inexpensive plastic rain poncho - cheap but effective.
  • Those who live in cities and wear suits to work might benefit from lightweight trench -style raincoat with perfect fabric to wear in mild temperatures, and keep your suit looking fresh!
  • Rubberized cotton or PVC raincoats are the perfect material to keep you safe from the rain. These materials are completely hydrophobic, and prevent the wearer from getting wet, but the downside is reduced breathability. Rain gear, be it plastic, or polyurethane is not that expensive as a fabric coat and can be a great choice.
  • Places which are always freezing and experience constant rainfall are found all around  the world. People living or visiting here have to face the calamities of the harsh weather. In this case, we would recommend an anorak or a parka type of raincoat which will keep you incredibly warm, and have a water-proof finish to top it off. 
  • Those of you who work outdoors, construction, fishing etc - often have to work through the rainy season. This is a time when warmth and staying dry are of utmost importance, and you need to carry a good quality raincoat at all times. For outdoor workers, shorter raincoats made of PVC or PU, combined with waterproof pants are ideal. The reason for this is that raincoats which are longer in length restrict the physical movement of the body, while a shorter raincoat gives much more freedom. Longer raincoats, however, protect the legs by blocking the winds. 

Different Types of RaincoatsThese are just some types of raincoats which are available in the market. We hope we could help you decide, and good luck on finding your best rain jacket!  ;)

Stay Dry 

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