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Iceland: The Coolest Country to Visit this Winter

We often think summertime is the only time to travel - but if you think about it, there can be some serious drawbacks. Long lines for all the attractions you want to see, back sweat from the heat, and tourist trap galore - no thanks! Instead, consider going on a little holiday during the winter season. Imagine walking into an ancient cathedral or on a nice walk in a famous park and having nobody there but you and maybe a companion or two. That’s how life can be for you if you decide to visit Iceland this winter season. Iceland has beauty that’s been unspoiled by tourists - you never feel swamped like you do in so many other places. But,...

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Raincoats Types and their Varieties

Raincoats and their varieties Purchasing rainwear, simply put, is an investment. While walking/splashing/running around in the rain can be an enjoyable experience for pluviophiles (look it up!), staying dry is of utmost importance. There are a variety of raincoats available in the market, both for men and women and many people are opting to buy rainwear online, unlike previous generations that would have to go to a specialist store just to find something suitable. Let’s have a look at the types of raincoats available: Those who love camping can opt for a relatively inexpensive plastic rain poncho - cheap but effective. Those who live in cities and wear suits to work might benefit from lightweight trench -style raincoat with perfect...

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Our Story

Ember & Earth began in 2014, when founders Ciaran Jackson and Daniel Cummins ended their search for the perfect rain jacket, by deciding to create their own. Growing up in Ireland, with its beautiful landscape but predominantly rainy weather made having a good rain jacket a necessity, and after years of searching, they realised how difficult these jackets were to find. They wanted something that was both suitable for the ever-changing weather and looked traditional, yet was contemporary and stylish. The few that they did source fell short on quality, or were practically unaffordable.       With everything they wanted in mind, they sat down with some yellow polyvinyl tablecloth and a sowing machine, and set out to design their own take...

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